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Doreen Meek

A Brief Biography
A self taught artist still working and living in Hertfordshire where she has been painting and drawing since childhood when her interest  in art began. Art has always played a major role in her life but it was not until retirement from her career in primary school education that she has focused on fulfilling her passion for painting. Now working in her studio is part of her everyday life.
Doreen's main interest is in expressing herself through colour and texture and to that end she uses a variety of styles,themes and media.
Doreen tutors a small painting group organised as part of her local U3A. She is also secretary to
' Friends of Little Cassiobury ' which is an organisation trying to secure a 17th century building,currently owned by the local authority, to convert into an 'Arts and Heritage Centre' providing facilities for exhibitions, studios, workshops etc for both adults and children in the area.
She has exhibited her work alongside other artists at many local venues,including The Luton Hoo Walled Garden exhibition 2012.

At Work
I create textural, vibrant paintings that are  ' loose' and colourful,  using a range of materials including  oil, watercolour, pastel, acrylic ink and collage.

I enjoy the effects gained by layering paint with a palette knife to give heavy texture but I also use brushes , bamboo pens and any tool I find that can make interesting marks.

Experimenting with texture, line, light and colour I produce work ranging in style from impressionist to expressionist and abstract forms. My paintings are a response to the exploration of personal mood, feelings and memory. Experience of natural beauty and the man made world also influence and inspire my work. I allow my work to evolve intuitively to create a sense of freedom in my paintings therefore allowing the viewer to interpret my work in away that is meaningful to them.




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